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Classics 1 false lash to 1 natural lash —  175


3-8, handmade fanned false lashes applied to 1 natural lash --- 250


A mix of a little of Classics and Volume --- 225

FILLS - recommended every 2 weeks.


30 minutes —-  45

60 minutes —-  65


60 minutes —-  80

90 minutes —-  140


Prepping for your appointment:

  • Refrain from caffeinated beverages 3 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes and free from foundation/powder under or over your eye area.

  • Be prepared to lay down & be still for at least 2-3 hours for your initial appointment.


During your appointment:

  • As much as we love to catch up, talking during lash application is best kept at minimum. Expressions, emotions, and facial movements make precise application very difficult.

  • Do not bring children or animals to your appointment.

  • Kindly silence your mobile devices during appointment.

  • Chewing gum... nope


After care:

  • CLEAN is QUEEN and is THE most important aspect of keeping your lashes healthy and long lasting. Consider purchasing a cleansing set at your appointment.

  • Clean your lashes daily. Once they're dry, brush them with a spooly to keep em' fluffy and full. We will always provide you with one.

  • Refrain from liquid or pencil eyeliners and mascara. 

  • Do not get lashes wet 24 hours after your appointment.

  • Sleeping on your back or side is best.

  • Avoid high heat. i.e. lighters, BBQ's, opening hot ovens.

  • Do not use Q-tips or cotton balls. We will  always provide you  with a micro fiber swab at your appointment.


Wearing your lashes:

  • Just as we lose the hair on our head, we also shed lashes. It is normal to lose anywhere from 2-6 lashes daily, so don't be alarmed if you see a few drop off.

  • Lashes grow at different hair growth cycles. If you feel there some that grow faster than others, please don't cut them. And do not pick or pull them.

  • There might come a day that you decide you might want a break from your lash extensions. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself. We offer professional removal of extensions so that the health and integrity of your lashes will remain intact.